Lena Hottner berichtet von der Mark R. Isfeld Secondary School - Courtenay (British Columbia / Kanada)

My maple experience

Hello, my name is Lena and I am 15 years old. Right now I am spending a wonderful year abroad in Canada. It was September when I arrived here in Courtenay, a tiny little town on Vancouver Island. After a very long and tiring flight, my host family picked me up at the airport. They were very nice and it didn’t take too long to “break the ice” and we had good times together. I also had a host sister from Korea which was nice, because she went to the same school as me, the Mark R. Isfeld Secondary School. The first day was pretty exhausting, but I met a lot of new people which were all very nice and helpful. In the end of my first school day I worked down my schedule which had Maths, Socials, Englisch, Band and Gym class on it. I had these classes everyday, 75 minutes each, beginning at 9 o’clock in the morning until 3.30 in the afternoon. After that we had a choice of different sport teams or clubs. I joined the junior indoor Volleyball team. I didn’t matter that I had never played before, they were just happy to have a German in their team. Soon I settled down and started to really enjoy the Canadian life. Together with my host family we went to a nice weekend trip around the island which appeared to have a big highlight when we got see a brown bear on one of the hikes. Even though the Canadians were interested in the German country and the life style, I tended to make friends more with the other internationals. On the weekend we would go ice skating, to the movies or go to the aquatic centre, but we always had a lot of fun. Especially when the Mount Washington ski resort opened we took the bus almost every weekend to go skiing and snowboarding. We had a magnificent view on the ocean from the top of the mountain. Soon Christmas came by, and on December 24th we had a big turkey dinner with the whole family. In the morning on the 25th a big gift-giving was waiting for us in the living room. It was nice to see another way of celebrating Christmas, but at that point I really missed my family. During the time I also joined the ski team, because the volleyball season was over. In March we made a trip to the whistler ski resort and for the first time I got to see the main land of Canada. We had a wonderful time there even though my friends and I almost got lost in the snowy woods of Whistler Mountain. Back on the island, I couldn’t wait for spring break. Although my subjects changed to Science, French, Drama, and Creative arts everyday got more normal. When the break was finally there my host family took me to Vancouver for some sightseeing and shopping. Now I am back to school again and my flight back home is getting closer and closer. I will enjoy the last 3 months to take home a lot of wonderful memories. I am going to miss the Canadian life style a lot, but I am also excited to see my family and friends again. I am glad I did an adventure like that and whenever you get a chance to do something like that take it. It will be a great time!!

Lena Hottner


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